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Spring Boot

Spring is the world’s most popular Java framework, it is widely used to help developers write Java programs in a faster and easier way, but its configuration always was a total nightmare. The Spring Boot module provides a solution to this configuration boilerplate Spring had. Spring Boot makes it easy…

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Write Once, run anywhere

Tools we need JDK 8 (could be a newer version as well) The Java Development Kit is the development environment we use for writing applications using the Java Programming language An IDE (Integrated Development Environment), This tool help developers to go faster in the development of applications, even though is…

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These operators can be applied as a prefix (before the variable’s name) or a postfix (after the variable’s name); the position of it may affect the obtained result.

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Xamarin is a technology for creating 100% native mobile applications for a variety of platforms, the first step to start using it is to install the Visual Studio in your local machine (See how to do it for PC and for Mac devices) After we have our Visual Studio already…

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