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Accessing attributes and methods

As mentioned in a previous post, object-oriented programming is a paradigm in which we model our problem’s actors (objects) using some structures called classes. A class defines the common structure of all objects (of the same type) will share. An object could be described as a sort of entity that…

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Write Once, run anywhere

Tools we need JDK 8 (could be a newer version as well) The Java Development Kit is the development environment we use for writing applications using the Java Programming language An IDE (Integrated Development Environment), This tool help developers to go faster in the development of applications, even though is…

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When writing a computer program, there are different approaches we can follow to solve a specific problem. Some people can focus on solving it by creating subprograms or functions to solve each small part of the problem (Structured programming paradigm). In an Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) style, on the other hand,…

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